When it comes to wheel alignment, why align when you can ‘Tigalign’?

merSETA-approved training done by Tiger Wheel & Tyre’s wheel alignment technicians

Rigorous merSETA-approved training sets Tiger Wheel & Tyre’s wheel alignment and technicians head and shoulders above competition. Wheel alignment is one of the more subtle sciences in the wheel and tyre industry. It’s also the last thing done on a vehicle when it’s manufactured, and the last thing a specialist Tiger Wheel & Tyre wheel alignment (WA) technician will do, after new tyres have been fitted or wheels balanced. Only when everything else has been optimised, can this critical function be performed to perfection.

At Tiger Wheel & Tyre, a great deal of care goes into wheel alignment and not just the act itself, but also into preparing technicians to deliver a world-class service. It has in fact become a matter of pride to be selected to attend the company’s Wheel Alignment Training Academy, known as Tigalign. The programme was developed back in 2003 by Louis Schoeman, National Technical Trainer at Tiger Wheel & Tyre; a qualified merSETA assessor with a background in education.

“Wheel alignment technicians work on critical steering and suspension components and every adjustment should therefore be executed precisely, with high attention to detail, because of the impact alignment has on vehicle safety,” explained Schoeman. “The term wheel alignment, refers to the act of aligning all four or more wheels so they roll freely, with as little resistance as possible, and is achieved by making adjustments to multiple different angles and components.”

The Tiger Wheel & Tyre course begins with six-months hands-on training in an alignment bay, under the mentorship of a qualified WA technician. Thereafter, trainees move on to the next stage, where they are supplied with manuals and study materials and given six weeks and the support of their seniors to complete their preparation for the theoretical component. The final stage of training is an off-site session comprising 10 days of intensive theory and practical assessments, with a minimum grade of 80% required to pass. Successful candidates graduate with a merSETA-approved TiAuto certificate of competence and the right to call themselves qualified TiAuto WA technicians.

“We are immensely proud of Tigalign, which has grown into what I believe may very well be one of the most comprehensive wheel alignment training courses in Africa, and equally proud of the many men and women who have put in the work to graduate this demanding programme. Frankly, it’s a badge of honour to say you’re a qualified Tiger Wheel & Tyre wheel alignment technician, and with every alignment we perform for customers, we proudly demonstrate what sets us apart from our competitors,” concluded Schoeman.

Does your vehicle feel like the wheels are pulling to one side? Did you hit a pothole or pavement recently? Your wheels might need alignment. Visit your nearest Tiger Wheel & Tyre to have it checked out.