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“We operate the largest plant in the country,  using the Maxiprest manufacturing process  with Bridgestone                                   rubber.” 

Re-tread for Truck, Agriculture & Mining | Maxiprest ®

Re-treading Process for Truck Tyres - Cold Cure:

Truck tyres are designed  to allow a 2nd and 3rd  ‘life’ by a process known as “re-treading”. The process is as follows:-              

  • Removal of the worn tread of the tyre 

  • Repair of latent damage to the casing  

  • Reintroduce a new pre cure tread to the casing 

  • Processing through an Autoclave which bonds the new tread to the existing casing  







Remould for Truck Tyres – Hot Cure:

  • The tyre undergoes a stripping process and the casing is repaired and new tread introduced.

  • The tyre is introduced into an individual vessel with rubber compound, the tread moulds with the casing and on completion of the process, it is removed and prepared for use.



Re Lug for Agricultural & Mining Tyres:

  • This process applies to Agricultural and Mining tyres, where  the tread is machined off and the tyre is rebuilt  by introducing layers of rubber onto the tyre.

  • The lugs are then grooved out to the manufacturer’s specification and the tyre is regenerated with a second lease of life at a fraction of the cost.   

Re-Treads Benefits

Re-Tread Benefits

Giving the tyre a new lease of life of 60-80k KM

“If you haven't tried our re - tread, then let us help you by performing a FREE scrap analysis to see how best we can stretch your dollar”   Tyre Treads Technical Expert

Giving the tyre a new lease of life of 60,000 - 80,000 KM 

Re-tread & Re-lug are safe, cost effective solutions with an added eco-friendly advantage.

Re-Treads Benefits
Re-tread Cost Saving Comparison

This table clearly explains the cost advantage of purchasing a GT Radial Tyre versus a budget tyre brand.